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Osteopathy in Northwood         01923 827833

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I established the practice here in 1981 and began assembling a team of like-minded practitioners who shared the same objectives of holistic patient care, generalists who remain committed to the compassionate management of a truly wide range of patients of all ages presenting with an equally wide range of health issues.

The joint commitment to these objectives and the teamwork we attempt to implement continue to inspire all of our practitioners to help create and sustain a supportive and healing atmosphere for the ultimate benefit of all our patients.


I graduated in 1982 and have a particular interest in Specific Adjusting Technique (SAT) which required a skill in spinal manipulation in areas subject to physical trauma especially the neck after a blow to the head or a whiplash.

As the years have gone by I have also integrated the Cranio-Sacral approach with SAT and have formulated a unique blend of the two so that the work has taken on a precision and gentleness not commonly associated with boney manipulation.I have also found a way of using the 'Cranial' approach to help with emotional and psychological matters and teach this approach in conjunction with SAT.

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After over 30 wonderful years in the practice, I have decided to reduce my working hours, so I am no longer working here in Northwood. I can be contacted at my London W2 practice via

Robert Lever Gez Lamb Jeremy Gilbey David Kellett


Qualified in 1987 I utilise both conventional and light touch cranio-sacral techniques. My experience is diverse, treating people from all walks of life and of all ages. I also have an interest in advising on ergonomics. I have been involved with teaching osteopathy and I have a lifelong dedication to exploring and recognising the possibility of greater health in each person.

I value the excellent environment at our practice and in being part of a group of dedicated practitioners, sensitive to the value that osteopathy and other disciplines can bring to all. 


A vital part of the practice, and your first point of contact, our reception team are here to help you.

Janice, Heather, Carol, Jo and Tanya are extremely knowledgeable

and will do what ever they can to find you an appointment with the practitioner of your choice