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I established the practice here in 1981 & have assembled a team of like-minded practitioners who shared the same objectives of holistic patient care, who remain committed to the compassionate management of a truly wide range of patients of all ages presenting with a wide range of health issues.


I graduated in 1982 As the years have gone by I have  formulated a unique blend of  work has taken on a precision and gentleness not commonly associated with boney manipulation.I have also found a way of using the 'Cranial' approach to help with emotional and psychological .   Find out more here


  I have a particular interest in the treatment of patients who present with multifaceted problems, and who have already explored many other avenues of treatment.  .For decades now, I have been treating pregnant women, babies, and young children, as well as mothers with difficulties resulting from childbirth.  Find out more on www.cristagalli.co.uk


Since 1989 I  I use the Franklin Method to help me to bring my sense of the inner very fine workings of the body that comes from my Osteopathic and Cranial Osteopathy study and practice to bear on the larger movements of the body in terms of posture, sport, dance and movement generally. Find out more www.movingisliving.co.uk  


In practice since 2001  Osteopathy allows me to engage with the art and science of life. My aim is first to understand the tensions and dysfunctions being expressed, and then to find and support the health within the patient, and in this way to facilitate the power of the body's own self-healing mechanism to heal itself.


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